About Us :

We introduce our self as one of the pioneers in the field of metal cutting Bandsaw Machine manufacturing. We started our voyage in the field of Bandsaw Machine manufacturing way back in 1992 as an S.S.I. unit in the city of Rajkot with a very limited resource in terms of infrastructure, machinery and man power but it was our quality of machine manufacturing which won over the competition. Gradually our AUTO-CUT brand of Bandsaw become the first choice of our customers over the other competitors.

It has been possible due to immense experience of our visionary promoters Mr. Kishor Pithadia and Mr. Mahesh Pithadia who have years of firsthand experience in manufacturing Bandsaw machines and their innovative approach towards improving the performance of the machine to provide quality output. Along with their experience, penchant for quality and team work, today Dipkala Engineering Works has reached the pinnacle of success in terms of market leadership, Brand loyalty, best after sale service and supply of replacement parts.

To sustain our leadership in the industry, we have one of the best team of technocrats, qualified engineers, quality control personnel and skill workers. It is this team spirit which has earned us this phenomenal success. And we are poised to bring many more such accolades to our enterprise and confident to expand it many fold in next five years.

To expand our market share, we have already expanded our manufacturing facility in the outskirts of Rajkot at Vavdi Village. Here we have built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in 5850 S.Q. Feet with every manufacturing department under one roof.

Right from procurement of raw material to machining, assembling, painting and finishing of the machine carried out in highly streamlined manner with strict quality control supervision. Each and every Bandsaw manufactured in our manufacturing facility is thoroughly checked for quality standards and actual performance before final finishing and season proof painting to elongate its working life.

It is this dedication which has made us undisputed leader in Bandsaw manufacturing in domestic, national and international markets. Today our AUTO-CUT brand Bandsaw is widely sold in national and international markets. At least 10% percent of our Bandsaw machines are exported in different countries like Shrilanka, Bangladesh and Africa.

Come, visit our website and explore the special features of our Bandsaw machines and also get acquainted with our lagucy and manufacturing practice so your decision to purchase our AUTO-CUT brand Bandsaw become more firm with reality check of our business policy.


Dipkala Engineering Works