Business Policy :

For the information we are an Indian metal cutting Bandsaw Machine manufacturer located at Rajkot city in Gujarat State.

At Dipkala Engineering Works we have in place very transparent business policy to facilitate every customer with fare deal.

Dipkala Engineering Works can be sums up in three simple words; Reliable, Sustainable and Professional (RSP). Due to these well defined parameters for progress, we never felt short of customer growth.

We firmly believe that our real growth should be reflected with our customer’s growth and satisfaction.

We believe that every customer comes to us to purchase our Bandsaw machine is actually help us to
grow in terms of business and brand. He or she in no way reliant on us, in fact they are extending their generosity to help us achieve new goals in terms of business development and new product development.

For us every customer is equal, whether it is domestic customer or the foreign customer. Whether it is a customer with single product order or bulk order, we make no distinction between them.

We have a well penetrated Dealer Network spread across the nation as well as Representatives
appointed in the different parts of the world to support our every customer from every corner of the nation and world as well.

We have a single price policy in place for Indian customer; similarly we have a single price policy for overseas/foreign customer.

The entire product range is sold through appointed Dealers, so customers are requested to contact the nearest Dealer.

We firmly believe that true growth of any organization is measured with their commitment towards the people, society and environment around them where they operate from. So we make sure that our
people, society and environment in general get benefited from us on regular bases.

Our entire manufacturing facility is built properly with environment friendly design to safe guard and comfort our workers. We make sure that every industrial waste dumped in to right place allotted by the local authority to help clean India movement.

All our employs are first trained to work in our manufacturing facility properly to avoid accident and physical damage. We do not employ worker below 18 years age as a responsible industrial house.