Dipkala offers AUTO-CUT brand Electro Hydraulic Fully Automatic Double Column Bandsaw Machine Model No. AC-230 CNC HS for some special applications in terms of various lengths cutting from same material such as steel bar or rolled Square bar.

Main Features:

Cutting capacity:

230 x 230 mm with all automatic operations. NC Machine can be operated and controlled with double axis so you can obtain 10 types of different lots from same bar, each of different length and quantities.

Automatic Cycle (Single Program):

Once setting the length and number of necessary piece, it carry out the program cycle automatically and stops at the each cycle end giving light and sound alarm to separate or collect the cut material.

Single Cycle:

It can work in one sequence containing maximum 10 programs chosen among maximum stored programs. It enables to run the program contained in the selected sequence and at the end of each program it goes to the next one by just pressing START button.

Continuous Cycle:

Like the single cycle, by the end of each program it automatically goes to the next program by activating this mode.

Utility Step:

Accessible from every cycle, it cuts the bar facing and stops, so we can able to measure the first cut piece.

Semi-Automatic Cycle:

with choosing this option, the vice closes and motor starts, then the head lowers to cut the material. At the completion of cutting, motor stops and the head goes up and vice gets open. And cut piece can be counted.

Other Features:

  • Ergonomically positioned on the front side of the machine, the control panel allows easy viewing of machine operations and job set up.
  • LED display shows 20 characters in four lines to visualize various technological parameters.
  • Infinitely adjustable cutting speed from 15 to 100m/min. controlled by an AC inverter drive system.
  • Head stroke according to the dimension of the material which has to be cut is to be set directly from the control panel.
  • Automatically adaptive shearing stress control system with servo valve mounted directly on the cylinder.
  • Hydraulic Blade tension.
  • Hydraulic power pack to operate saw frame, feeding and the cutting vices. Variable pressure adjuster allows to set the clamping force.
  • Feeding length up to 460 mm in single stroke by a servo motor and ball screw assembly.
  • Hydraulic feeder vice with sideways movement.
  • Driving pulley secured by tapered hub to ensure a strong fastening still allowing axial adjustment.
  • Automatic adjustment of the front blade guide head according to the dimension of the bar to be cut.
  • Two vertical rollers to help aligning the material.
  • Adjustable guide to unload cut pieces.
  • Band rotation control with stop in real time in case of locked tool.
  • Blade brush driven off band wheel.
  • Sound and flashing indicator for machine shut down.
  • Special design of machine for being handled by lift truck or crane.
  • Bi-Metal band for the cut of profiles and solid pieces.
  • Chip conveyor & Automatic Oil circulation provision.

Technical Specifications:

Cutting Capacity (Round) 230
Cutting Capacity (Round) 230 x 230
Blade Dia 3000 x 27 x 0.9
Coolant Motor HP (RPM 2800) 0.15
Coolant Tank 70 Ltr
Hydraulic Tank 60 Ltr
Hydraulic Drive 0.50
Servo Motor 750 Vlt
Ball Screw Stroke 460
Main Drive HP (RPM 1440) (Gear) 3HP
Cutting Speed (m / mnt) 15-100
Single Indexing Stroke Capacity 0-460
Blade Tension Hydraulic
Saw Feed Control Hydraulic
Weight 780 Kg
Dimension (L x B x H) 1.9 x 1.7 x 1.7